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Digital Transformation

In the current day and age, digitizing businesses is slowly becoming a necessity. Covid-19 has completely shifted the business dynamics and created an urgency to shift to digital ways of operations. Most businesses are now looking to do a digital transformation to maintain an edge and a competitive advantage over businesses traditionally doing their operations. A digital transformed business has improved workflows which makes daily activities for the employees efficient and effective, consequently creating a positive customer experience. Digital transformation is unique to every business and it has different approaches depending on the goal outcomes before it is termed fully digitalized.

Approach to fully digitize a business

1. Problem statement/Gaps.

The business has to recognize the areas where traditional operations are “hurting” or slowing down its operations. This could be in areas of customer experience, workflow frictions, etc. After understanding the gaps and challenges, there should be clear goals on what should outcomes will be achieved by digitalizing the areas.

2. Streamlined workflows and activities.

After recognizing the areas where digitalizing is necessary, the next step is understanding how the workflows from one stage to another. This helps in identifying any duplication of roles that might lead to delays and unnecessary approvals. The workflows will be important since this is what will be moved from traditional methods to digital methods. While doing the processes, each stage has to have a unique function.

3. Putting Infrastructure into place.

Digitizing a business will require a few infrastructures to be in place. For example, a business that wants to move to digital ways of backing up their data will require a server in place. The infrastructure could be both software, hardware, and human resource.

4. Investing in the right technology.

It is critical to understand the kind and type of technology that will suit your business. This will be enforced by the problem identified and the goals to be achieved by having the system in place. Research on the available digital technology solutions for the business is also key to invest in the right solution that will enhance achieving the outcome goals.

5. Resource and Experts.

After identifying the right technology, it is also key to have the right experts to execute the technology. The experts should be able to visualize what the business needs and gaps are, draw a clear transformation map on how to fully achieve the transformation, and achieve the expected outcome goals. UjuziTech

6. Getting Employees and customers involved.

While digitalizing a business, one of the biggest hurdles that might be faced is rigid employees or customers who are not open to new ways of doing operations. These people have the power to discredit a system that is set to help the business improve its operations. Though sometimes the rigidness is well justified, getting the employees and customers on the digital bandwagon to ensure maximum cooperation is key in achieving the outcomes set for the transformation. Another key aspect of involving employees is the work culture. Digital ways of operations might seek to retain positive or improve the work culture.

Consequently, having vision-minded employees and leaders who understand the benefits of having a fully digitalized business is key. These are people who will push the digital agenda and get everyone on board.

UjuziTech is your solution-oriented partner who will walk with your business digital transformation journey from the concept to full realization.

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