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Drive Data-Driven Decision Making with the Visualizations of Power BI

With the need for business intelligence on the rise to survive the competitive marketplace, Power BI is the cutting edge of data visualization technology. While it’s true Microsoft offers a native data connector for Power BI, there is still a lot of heavy technical lifting and data modeling for the average user if you want to truly want to leverage it.

  • Your business data lives in multiple places and is not pre-organized for easy reporting and dashboard building from Power BI. This means you’ll need technical expertise on deck to install, connect, and build your data models before even diving into visualizations.
  • To get the metrics you need to build your Power BI dashboards, you will need to sort through thousands of tables and fields and joining them together – adding to your list of resources and your time-to-success.
  • Without a consolidated and governed data warehouse to centralize your data, mistakes, and variations across users for data setup are easy to make. This can lead to bad data and inconsistencies which inevitably lead to misinformed decision-making.
  • The upgrade process for your Power BI dashboards using default data models ends up being time-consuming, complicated, and expensive.

Simplify and Accelerate Power BI Setup by 80% with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Analytics from UjuziTech

Easy to access and use, Jet Analytics combined with Power BI delivers a fast, flexible data warehouse and analytics platform for the most adaptable and integrated ERP platform in the world, Microsoft Dynamics. With a single, seamless set of pre-organized data optimized for the user experience inside Power BI, you can avoid the complicated database setup and start using Power BI within minutes! Here’s how:

  • Enable Power BI without the need to join tables and fields.
  • Simplify 4,000+ tables and 10,000+ fields for easy report and dashboard building.
  • Easily manage and connect unlimited sources of data.
  • You don’t have to be an IT expert – anyone in your organization can quickly and easily create stunning dashboards inside Power BI using organized, secure data without complex and time-consuming data models or technical expertise.
  • Advanced security and control in Jet Analytics ensure the right users have access to the right data, the way they need to see it.
  • And you aren’t limited to Power BI exclusively – leverage Excel, Office 365, and mobile applications!
  • Reports and dashboards built from the Jet Analytics platform automatically and seamlessly convert in all your Dynamics ERP upgrades.


Power BI Doesn’t Do Everything

You still need financial statements and operational reports. Eye-catching visualizations help to quickly identify trends and spot anomalies in your business operations – but this doesn’t replace your need for financial statements and operational reports. With Jet Analytics from UjuziTech, not only do you obtain a fast way to leverage Power BI dashboards through pre-built cubes and data warehouse, you also gain Jet Reports, which is a flexible, real-time financial reporting tool embedded inside of Excel.

Plug-and-Play Business Intelligence and Reporting

Jet Analytics was designed to get you up and running with best-in-class analytics in hours, not weeks or months like traditional business intelligence methods. Implementing Power BI with Jet Analytics is fast, easy, and effective, with:

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report Templates
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Dashboards
  • Pre-built Power BI Dashboards
  • Pre-built OLAP Cubes and Tabular Models for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Pre-built Data Warehouse for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Automated Data Warehousing
  • Streamlined Data Migration from Legacy Systems.

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