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Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Retail and Distribution industry in Kenya

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution that can benefit retail and distribution businesses in a number of ways. Here are a few reasons why:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Kenya

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in Kenya, and it can be purchased and implemented through various Microsoft partners and resellers like UjuziTech Limited operating in the country. These partners can provide customized solutions based on specific business needs, provide training … Read More

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM(Customer Experience)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations manage and automate their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Some of its key features and benefits include: Unified customer data: Dynamics 365 CRM provides a … Read More